What do we really know?  It just doesn’t matter, but we don’t even really know that.

~You can see the fear – the fear upon my face –but every time I’ll lie – and sa1270636_588882871174985_152287449_oy that it’s ok~

Hello, my name is Wes Urbaniak. As luck would have it I’m quite a conflict both intrinsically and extrinsically, internally and externally. Maintaining the path in which I’ve been slowly drifting into madness. I often feel like a complexity of simple matters, seeing that the mystery of the universe is no more quizzical or important than that of what to make for supper. I loathe the idea of being classified in any category other than experimentitian. But my love for the idea behind the word far outweighs the loathing for the categorical. Certainly, you’ll discover fewer answers than you started with, but I will put down some of the blah blah make me puke crap that people seem to post in this kind of form.