Meet Lindsey Jacobsen (Jacobe [:)!  A singer songwriter pulling musical punches both upon the ground of her solo presence and that of her band, Broken Bow.  The most simple and basic measurement for describing her voice is BIG!  By itself it is deep and full and crazy impressive to listen to.  Add her talents for playing guitar and ukulele behind that and the impression is made – this is a gift as much as it is a talent.  It gets even better – she has a band that backs her, and they are all wonderfully talented musicians as well.  Broken Bow is Lindsey’s window to the bigger stages and they pull on a crowds ears in all the best ways.

Lindsey JacobsenIt’s difficult to find people that are truly invested in the outcome of their dreams.  Lindsey settles in very well as an active participant in her own life and in the goals and expectations she has set for her dream of having a wonderful musical journey.  She is beyond the desire of hype and fame; she is in it for the ride and is passionate and capable of creating an experience that so many people relate to.  The next several months will see the release of her single, Need You to Be Mine, and a fun and light music video to accompany it.  Her band is also jumping through the hoops of the studio world and will release a new album later on in the year.

KnottyWoodGuitar Co is so happy to get to work with such wonderful artists of all kinds, such as Lindsey Jacobsen.  Make sure to give her and her band’s page a quick like and a long look and listen.  Her new personal website is here: and her band and music can also be seen at

Lindsey Jacobsen