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A farmer of simple things and a dreamer that has drifted far too far into madness.  Hi.  I’m Wesley Urbaniak, and I want to tell you a little about all these shenanigans.  Maybe, that is.  [:  Very little is straight forward and without dimension, so be careful of these tangents that…do you like HotDogs?  Perhaps, not-surprisingly, I’m representing the methods I create within the expression of how this is written.  People spend too much time telling other people not to assume.  I’m telling you – assume yourself all the way into whatever understanding you can dig your little pinky into for yourself and your imagination. Oh, and never eat doughnuts!  Yuck.  [:

I’m not going to tell you anything about building the best instruments in the world because I don’t.  I’ll let someone else take that one.  I don’t even wish to compete; I simply wish to appreciate the methods that people operate by, so here’s a little of that method by which I operate. Goals?  I remember the first time I saw a photo of one of my performances and I remember thinking how much my guitar looked just like me.  It was part of me.  It looked how I felt.  It was me if I was a guitar.  I had been building some very interesting guitars, but this was a new Think Machine that I desperately wanted to drive.  I always want to drive the new Think Machines, though.  I wanted to build instruments then, that looked like their owner, aged with their owner, and required a different care method from their owner.  The value of an instrument is always debatable, but never question the intrinsic value an artist carries for their instrument.  That is personal and unique to each of us.

I wanted {corruption – want and are} to build instruments that were different and as individual as you or I.  And, to let you have a piece, it is one of the things that keeps me from boredom.  The ability to be completely repetitive is completely beyond me.  Depression and a different (not good kind) of madness sets in.  When there is no more growth, experimenting, and love, I will forever leave instrument building behind.  It’s a good thing that there is an unimaginable depth to the art of luthierie.

Here are some of the variables I consider and in no specific order:  Shape/Design-  I see instruments all the time that are considered beautiful because of the wood they use.  I see the wood used as slightly secondary or at least equivalent to shape.  I like curves.  Bold.  Strong.  Fluid.  I also like comfort.  Ok, I do love the wood that gets used too, and I do my best to promote it. The shapes of my instruments don’t just look crazy fish, they also impart functional wisdom.  As a long time musician, and having played many guitars in many different situations, it’s important to have something that fits.  You’re probably not going to run a marathon in a pair of poorly thought of shoes.  Well crap, maybe you will.  Yeah, I’m sure I probably would too. At least once.  [:

Bracing- because so much of the wood I use is not considered appropriate (that’s another discussion of debatable scrutiny), and because so much is recycled, I wanted a source of decent reclaimed product for use as internal foundation.  Along the way, a friend of mine had been disassembling defunct and worn pianos.  These spruce sounds boards and the large braces were very welcome.  I use as much as can be used from them.  I will occasionally even use the soundboard for tops of instruments.  They have a character that cannot be replicated.  I love this.  Many being over 100 years old as a piano, bring similar but always unique smells and qualities with them. How much music have they seen already?  What hands have struck the strings that gave pulse to this wood?  Again, I love this.

Intrinsic value vs. extrinsic value- I love the natural character of wood and all of it’s ‘flaws’.  I marker that because I’ve never seen a flaw in wood; only notice what others point out as flaws.  So much of the sound is controlled by the builder, and if it was my goal to build instruments that were safely tucked away within specs of insanity (this being the other side of insanity because it has many dimensions. Mine being just of different dimension of it) I might reconsider.  I just can’t get over the natural beauty of flaws.  I also love what happens when we make corrections for these flaws.  Beautiful things happen and I love beautiful things.